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First Time Setup

Setup Software Account

Access to Partner Portal

Login here if you are a FootfallCam Authorized Reseller. You will have the login credentials to the partner portal after you have purchased the evaluation kit and activated the partner license. 

Some features in the Partner portal like 

What is the procedure to setup my first people counting device on the V9 Analytics Portal?

For first-time users, you should receive a V9 portal activation email once you have purchased the unit. From the email, you should be able to: 

  • Step 1: Reset for the password for first-time login 

  • Step 2: Create a Site under Setting > Site (Read more) 

  • Step 3: Go to Settings > Devices to allocate the Device into the portal by using the serial (Read more)

  • Step 3 (Alternative): Obtain a pairing code from the Site created > Use this code to bind your device to your V9 account during installation

After successful binding, your device will automatically enter a tuning queue, typically taking around 7-10 days, to guarantee the best performance and accuracy.

What is the Wifi SSID passwords for devices?

The WiFi SSID passwords for your devices are readily accessible in the manual guide provided within the product's packaging. For further assistance, connect with our Support Team via the FootfallCam Support Chat App.

On Site Installation

What are the steps to setup my Support ChatApp account?

You can connect with our support team for any support such as onsite installation support through a support chat app. Simply download the app from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store, and follow the setup guide linked here. And use your V9 Analytic Portal credentials to log in. or, For Desktop users,

  • Sign Up/ Login your account here.

Preparation before visit

Before traveling to the installation site , there is a Pre-installation checklist that needs to be checked.

  • Confirm the Site environment and the back office location to the destined device location

  • Prepare the tools required based on the pre-assessment of the site environment, e.g. Drill bit, high ladder, PoE switches, drop pole/ wall bracket 

  • Ensure the working permit is approved before the installation date.

  • Ensure the IT detail for the specific site is available 

  • Ensure the number of counter(s) is correct. Please use FootfallCam calculator to determine the number of devices required per entrance 

  • Ensure the type of counter required is correct. (Info: Type of counter is determined based on ceiling height.)

Things to do while on-site

After arriving on-site, there is an on-site installation checklist on things that needed to be done on-site.

  1. Connect up the device 

  2. Ensure the mounting location under the ideal condition 

  3. Configure the device IT settings 

  4. Add your device under the designated site 

  5. Walk test to ensure the device can count properly 

You may want to troubleshoot the issue if you couldn't connect up the device properly
Where can I find guidance or resources for installing my FootfallCam device?

Inside your product box, you'll find a handy installation user guide (e.g. 3D Pro2). If you prefer, we have detailed online guides to assist you further, just click on the links below to explore: i. FootfallCam 3D People Counter Installation Guide ii. FootfallCam Centroid Installation Guide iii. FootfallCam Smart Bus Solution Installation Guide iv. FootfallCam IoT Devices Binding Guide (For IoT Devices like 3D Mini, Space Sense, and Mesh hub transmitter) And don't forget, we have a nifty calculator to help you determine the best number and placement of people counting devices based on your entrance dimensions.

What information can I provide in the SupportChatApp during onsite installation to get the best help from the support team?

To help us assist you swiftly, sharing the live view of the devices and the entrance photos can be incredibly helpful if you're facing any configuration issues. You can find a guide on how to share the live view in this handy link of screenshot. Your cooperation will greatly expedite the troubleshooting process.

What is the anticipated timeframe from the initiation of the device installation to moment it starts providing validated & actionable business data?

A standard installation of a single device typically can be done within an hour, subject to potential variations influenced by the specific cabling infrastructure of your store. Following the successful installation and pairing of the device onto your V9 Analytic Portal, the unit's active online status will be registered by our servers, thereby initiating its inclusion in the queue for the subsequent tuning and verification stages. This meticulous process would take about 10 days ideally (7 days of tuning followed by an additional 3 days for validation). This process is vital as it ensures the precision of the captured data, allowing it to be used to provide meaningful business insights.

How can I get help with the device installation process?

Use our FootfallCam SupportChat App for direct assistance (see the guide here) or complete the Installation Support Request Form to schedule help, ensuring timely support regardless of your time zone difference from the UK (GMT+2) or MY (GMT+8).


How can I receive notifications if a device goes offline without constantly checking the portal?

Navigate "Settings" > "Email Scheduler" > "System Notification" > "Health Check" to customize the timeframe for offline alerts (ranging from 1 to 24 hours or set for 9 a.m. daily).

Assign various recipient groups for diverse notifications, including offline alerts, by adding the relevant emails.

For more information, you can refer to the guide linked here.

How do I manually check my counter's offline history if email alerts are not received?

Users can manually access a device's offline history by selecting "Setting" > "Device" > "Edit" for the respective device and choosing "View Health Check Logs" for a 48-hour review, or by navigating to "Site Reports" > "Data Integrity" for a comprehensive 7-day log.

What does a red light on my device indicate?

A red light signals a boot-up failure, often due to a faulty CPU affected by high temperatures or reaching its lifespan's end.

Refer to our guide for LED indications.

If the device is still under warranty, please raise an RMA ticket via our Support Portal. If not, consider a replacement by contacting our sales team (

How can I bulk update Special Operating Hour?

Refer to the user guideline Update Special Operating Hour to follow the steps and do the configurations.

Ensure all devices are working properly

Use the Device Health to ensure all sites are functioning properly. 

4) If the device is faulty: Raise a RMA ticket here
Ensure all devices are accurate

Use the Data Integrity report to ensure all the devices under the same site are counting accurately.  

  • Access v9 portal and go to Site Reports > Data Integrity Report > select site and date.


  1. Check if the operating hour is set correctly. 

  2. Check if there is any abnormal traffic pattern from the hourly and daily data trend (e.g. is there any out of hour noise or spike) 

  3. Check the live view of all the devices 

    1. Is there any reposition? (Fill up Re-verification Request Form)

    2. Is there a setting changed?  (Fill up Re-verification Request Form)

    3. Is there blockage on the live view? (Please inform store staff to remove the blockage and validate if the issue resolved) 

    4. Is there any overlapping counting line?  (Fill up Re-verification Request Form)

    5. Is the environment lighting condition ideal? (Please ensure the lighting condition under the ideal requirement and validate if the issue resolved)

  4. If the issue couldnt be found on the above checking, you may schedule a video to validate the issue. 

If you are able to validate the issue , you can raise a ticket about data accuracy concerns to Footfallcam for further assistance. 

Note: Manual counting onsite is prone to human error, the judgment and the location of the manual counting may not tally with the counting zone and line set up by the devices and no evidence to back up the accuracy of the manual counts. Therefore, it is crucial for any customer to use the much cheaper and direct accuracy auditing method with recorded video as hard evidence.

Account Administration

There are 3 types of account access

HQ account

Admin account

User account

Write (add/ edit/ delete) 


View all companies under HQ account 

Limited access by admin

  • Admin account - can view , delete, add and edit

You can refer to the table about account access for a clearer picture via the guide.
How do I ensure prompt firmware patch version update for my devices?

Navigate to "Setting" > "Company" > Locate "FirmwareUpgrade" > Ensure that the "Opt Out" option is toggled to "NO". This action permits automatic updates when available. To preserve system stability, you can set the updates to be dispatched in daily limited slots in "Number of devices upgrade per day"

Can I update my old devices with a firmware of 3.2.2 to the newer 4.6.0 version?

Counters with firmware version 3.2.2, are for legacy products such as 3DplusTM or 3DmaxTM. The firmware can't be upgraded to 4.6.0 (which is specific for 3D Pro2TM models), without replacement of the device model.

How do I synchronize the device's clock with an internal NTP server?

To synchronize the counter's clock with an internal NTP server, kindly access the Setup Wizard, proceed to the device page, select 'Settings', and then opt for 'Time Zone Setting'.

I need to alter the IT settings of a device, such as its IP address. How can I go about this?

To modify the IT settings, including the IP address of a device, connect to the device through a WiFi connection and access the Setup Wizard. Detailed guidance is provided in the user manual included with the product, or you can refer to the online guide linked here.

What is the duration for which the device can retain data when there's no internet connectivity?

The device can retain footfall hourly data for up to 300 days without an internet connection. It will automatically upload the data to the server once the connection is restored. For more details on data storage durations, please refer to our documentation here.

Device Troubleshooting

Device cannot power up

Device will not showing any LED on the device if cannot power up 

  1. Check the physical connection of the cabling, ensure it is plugged in tightly

Device Cannot Connect to the Network

  • Check your IP settings for the device 

    • E.g. DNS, IP address, Subnet mask, etc.

  • Check your network cable is connected to the devices


I'm using an external internet connection. How can I access data through the API?

To access data via API with an external internet connection, you have two options: i) Direct Data Retrieval from the Device: If you choose this method, please refer to the documentation here. Note that you'll need to set up a VPN connection to the device's local network if accessing data from an external PC. ii) Data Retrieval from the FootfallCam Server: This option allows you to access site-level footfall data without being on the same network as the devices. For more details, consult the documentation on a) counting data API and, b) our server's list of data cubes.

Regarding the "API URL" generated by the portal, does the system-generated token included in the URL have a time limitation, or is it valid indefinitely? Additionally, is there a process in place to renew the token, if necessary?

No, the system-generated token incorporated in the API URL is perpetual and does not require renewal. You can use it indefinitely without any time restrictions.


What are the steps to pair the Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) with the products in our store?

To pair the ESL with products, please follow the instructions outlined in this guide here. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to contact us through the SupportChat App or by raising a support ticket. We're here to assist you!


Is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Secure (LDAPS) supported by your system?

Yes, we support LDAPS using a simple bind, ensuring that passwords are encrypted and secure against exposure in data packets.

Can you explain how the Analytics Manager Portal handles the security of local user login credentials? Is there a specific encryption or hashing algorithm in place, such as SHA-256 or AES-256, to secure saved passwords?

Absolutely, we prioritize the security of user login credentials. We employ Keycloak to store user credentials securely. It utilizes industry-standard algorithms such as PBKDF2, BCrypt, and SCrypt for password encryption. These algorithms are crafted to be computationally intensive, thus making it challenging for potential attackers to decipher the hashed passwords, even if they manage to access the hash values from the database.

Server Setup

Are there any specific considerations if I plan to temporarily shut down the on-premises server?

When temporarily shutting down the on-premises server, please be aware of the following:
  • All devices will display a green LED light as they won't be able to connect to the server.
  • Data will not be transmitted to the server during the shutdown. *Not to worry, the devices will store the data locally and will resume transmitting data to the server (in 15-minute intervals) once reconnected to the revitalized server.


Does using Heatmap Analytics have any effect on my CCTV system's performance?

Not at all! The CCTV IP camera streams to the FootfallCam Centroid via a separate channel, ensuring no impact on the performance or reliability of your CCTV NVR units.

How can I reset the password for my V9 Analytic Portal Account?

To reset your password on the V9 Analytics Portal, follow these steps: 1. Go to the login page for the V9 Analytics Portal. 2. Click on the "Forgot Password?" link located below the login form. 3. Enter the email address associated with your V9 Analytics Portal account and click the "Submit" button. 4. Check your email inbox for an email from the V9 Analytics Portal containing a password reset link. If you have any difficulties resetting your password, you can contact our team for assistance either by raising a ticket in the Support Portal or through our SupportChatApp. For more detailed instructions on resetting your password on the V9 Analytics Portal, please refer to the link to guide here.

Is it possible to modify the email address associated with the primary user account?

Unfortunately, altering the primary e-maill address is not possible as it's already bound with the company's primary user account in our system. If you wish to change the requester account when raising a ticket, you can log in with your desired account under the same V9 Account.

How do I alter the name of an existing site created under the V9 Analytic Portal?

To change the name of an existing site, please go to the "Settings" section found on the left navigation panel and select the "Site" tab. Here, you can click the "edit" button next to the site you want to rename. For a step-by-step walkthrough, feel free to refer to the guide available here.

Is there a way to use register the same email under multiple V9 Analytics Portals from different end users?

The short answer is NO. Our system's architecture mandates that each email account be unique, and cannot be utilized to register more than one V9 Analytic Portal across different companies or end users. This is a safeguard in place to maintain the security and integrity of user identities.

What steps should I take to deactivate the device in the event of store closure?

In the event of store closure, it is necessary to deallocate the device from the portal. If you intend to preserve the historical data of the site on the portal, you are free to retain the site within the V9 Analytic Portal. You can refer to the following guides for assistance: To deallocate the device, you may refer to the guide here. To delete a site, you may refer to the guide here.

I would like to standardize all Wi-Fi SSID and counter passwords across my company. How can I do this using my V9 Analytic Portal?

To standardize Wi-Fi SSID and counter passwords company-wide using the V9 system, You may alter the password in the "Security" section under the "Company" tab within the "Settings" menu on the left navigation panel ("Setting" > "Company" > "Security") *Please do note that:
  • The changes will be implemented across all devices within your company.
  • It may take a while for the online devices to adapt to the new settings.

What steps should I take to unmount and relocate my people counting device?

Unpair/ Delete your device via the V9 Analytics Manager: "Settings" > "Devices" > "Edit" > "Delete" A mandatory re-verification process (subject to a fee) ensures optimal device performance. Request a fee quotation by emailing Detailed steps are available in our guide (Read more).


How to Improve Outside Traffic (PWA01) Data Accuracy on Device?

Modern devices often use randomized MAC addresses. Our device filters these out, causing a potential
decline in MAC address detection accuracy.

Given the influences of randomized MAC addresses, signal interferences, and physical barriers, we advise using this data to observe general trends rather than aiming for pinpoint accuracy.

Solutions to Improve Accuracy

  1. Adjust WiFi Detection Range:
    • Default Setting: Navigate to "Setting" > "Company" > "Threshold Settings" > "Default Wifi Thresholds".
    • Specific Device Setting: Go to "Settings" > "Sites" > "Counter Details" page to tweak the Wifi threshold for each counter.
  2. Modify Scaling Factor:
    Enhance the scaling applied to the MAC address detections. To navigate: 
    "Company" > "Threshold Settings" > "Default Wifi Calibration".

Additional Resources: For comprehensive insights into this metric (Read more) and our device's approach to filtering randomized MAC addresses (Read more), please check our detailed guides.


How long is the scheduled video for verification?

You can choose the video duration to be 14 minutes, 29 minutes or 59 minutes long. The system would require 1 minute for video packaging and other operational procedures.

Why can’t I schedule a video in the time period of 23:55 to 00:05?

The device is performing daily cleanup operations during this time.

Resolving "Cannot Schedule Cross Hour Video" Error

The device you're using operates on an outdated firmware version, specifically version 3.2.2a or 3.2.2. These versions don't support scheduling videos that span across different hours.

To bypass this limitation with immediate solution:
Split your 60-minute video scheduling into two consecutive 30-minute segments. For example, set the first from 17:00 to 17:29 and the second from 17:30 to 17:59.

Long-term Solution
Upgrading the device with a newer firmware version (3.4.1 or above) that supports one-hour video scheduling. It's essential to keep in mind that devices with older firmware wouldn't receive future updates for new features or system improvements.

Can I personalize who receives updates regarding accuracy tuning?

Navigate to "Setting" > "Email Scheduler" > "System Notifications" to tailor the recipient list for "Accuracy Tuning" alerts. This customization enables diverse recipient groups to stay informed on various matters, including the issuance of accuracy certificates, facilitating proactive maintenance scheduling.

How do I verify my device's successful certification, and how am I notified if the tuning process encounters issues?

Post-installation adjustments, including walk tests, may be required if your device experiences difficulties, such as low sample sizes or live view issues, affecting its certification. Our team proactively addresses these by creating support tickets through the V9 Support Portal, ensuring you're notified promptly.

What is Staff Exclusion Offset?

Staff exclusion offset allows clients to remove staff count from the analysis. For example, if the client sets the staff exclusion offset to 5, based on last week's trend, if the afternoon typically has more people, it will subtract 3, while if the morning and evening have fewer people, it will subtract 1 respectively.

Refer to the Graph 01 below for a visual representation. The blue line represents the data before excluding staff, while the orange line depicts the data after staff exclusion with a staff exclusion value of 25.

Graph 01: Staff Exclusion Offset by 25

Analytics & Reports

Understanding Dashboard Data Display Delays

Device data undergoes a process before appearing on your dashboard. Typically, data is sent to our server and then showcased on the dashboard within a 1 to 2-hour window. This ensures the data's accuracy and reliability.

Why the Delay? 
Continuous data uploads would excessively consume bandwidth, affecting network quality for other devices. Hence, our devices are set to transmit aggregated data every 1-2 hours to strike a balance.

Interested in Live Data?
If you're looking for real-time data, there's a feature for that! Do note that enabling this might incur additional costs. For more details and pricing, kindly reach out to our sales team at

Dashboard Display Issues – Resizing and Missing Widgets

Our dashboard is optimized for a desktop display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Display quirks can arise when viewed on devices with different resolutions or scale settings.

How to Fix:

  1. Adjust your device's scale settings, especially if you're using Windows.
  2. Modify your browser's zoom level: Use 'Ctrl + Scrolling Up/Down' to zoom in or out until the dashboard displays correctly.

Following these steps will ensure the dashboard appears as intended, offering you the best viewing experience